Tectura Business Consulting

A year of abundance with stellar performance – CAPITAL CEO Supreme Brand Awards 2021: “Supreme Enterprise Business Solutions and Services” for the Sixth Consecutive Year

HONG KONG – 11th January 2022. Tectura Hong Kong Limited (“Tectura HK”) is honourably awarded the “CAPITAL CEO Supreme Brand Awards 2021” under the category of “Supreme Enterprise Business Solutions and Cloud Services” (“非凡企業管理系統及雲端服務”) for six consecutive years.

This year, a prestige awards presentation ceremony for the “CAPITAL CEO Supreme Brand Awards 2021” was held on 2nd December, 2021, co-organised by CAPITAL CEO (《資本雜誌 – 資本才俊》) and CAPITAL Entrepreneur (《資本雜誌 – 資本企業家》). The award recognised our excellence in professional service and innovative solutions. It is a great honour to receive such an esteemed accolade for six years in a row in the industry.

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